October 3, 2012

The Weak Straight-Boy-Talking-About-Butt-Sex Vice Piece

I am choosing not to post any of the other pictures from this article because they are either unrelated, weak or gross. But here's a little taste from the introduction:

" For those of you out there who want to tell me how love can sustain itself over decades, allow me to offer you the following completely non-scientific statistical breakdown:

-4% of the population falls in love and remains in love the rest of their lives

-21% of the population commits suicide after one too many viewings of the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan comedy You’ve Got Mail

-25% of the population masturbates more than three times a day

-3% of the population is asexual

-40% of the population has boring, meaningless sex until they die

-7% of the population has casual, freaky fetish sex with multiple partners until they die of being too happy

The goal of every human reading this article should be to get in that 11% of the globe that either finds a soulmate or fucks a neverending series of holes with verve and vigor.

The easiest way to go about joining the 11 percent (which is far more vital to the national discourse than the 99 percent or the 47 percent) is through the back door. Anal sex is the first stop on the Save My Relationship World Tour."

Oh, VICE. Go check it out.

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September 20, 2012

A Horrible Situation: The Tragic Tale Of Joshua Scott Albert

I have too many thoughts and feelings about this to say here, but, I will say this. This young man has come to this moment in his life not because he is an asshole (and he very well may be), but in all likelihood because he's been a drifter and an orphan his whole life and I think he deserves a little more sympathy than most assholes are willing to give him.


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September 17, 2012

An Expo Took The Field With "You Are A Faggot" On HIs Face

Yunel Escobar has, in the past, gone on the field with phrases like "Chillin" on his eye black. But, while some say this is some kind of prank, it's amazing that this kind of thing is passable behavior.


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