May 30, 2011

J Lo Sells BMW, Swarovski & Crown Royal In Her New Video

I hear two very familiar songs it sounds like she lifted a little, but I'm having a hard time pinning them down in my head.

I like this Empress of the Club look, though.

P.S. 200+ MILLION views in three months.

Mariah Carey And Luther Vandross Make A Pretty Great Duet

May 27, 2011

Gourmet Film: Slightly Strange But Sexy German Short Film

Or is it Dutch? No idea.

New Gallup Poll: Some People Think America Is Really Gay

"U.S. adults, on average, estimate that 25% of Americans are gay or lesbian. More specifically, over half of Americans (52%) estimate that at least one in five Americans are gay or lesbian, including 35% who estimate that more than one in four are. Thirty percent put the figure at less than 15%...Americans' current collective estimate -- which is substantially higher than Gates suggests -- is likely driven more by perceptions and exposure than by scientific measurement or reality."


"Americans with lower incomes and less education give the highest estimates, on average, of the U.S. gay and lesbian population, and far higher estimates than those with higher incomes and more education. Americans aged 18 to 29 give a higher average estimate than older Americans, and women give a far higher average estimate than men.

Democrats, liberals, and those who say they are socially liberal are also more likely to give higher estimates than those at the other end of the spectrum. However, the differences by political or ideological leanings are in most cases not as wide as those seen by demographic group."

C/O Towleroad.

A Couple Photos Of RyGos Getting Squeezed By His Director

I'd Hit It: Jude Law Looking Pretty Excellent At The Beach

May 24, 2011

A Gut-Wrenching Summary:The MN Marriage Debate Thus Far

Paris Is (Still) Burning: 20 Years After The Iconic Documentary

An excerpt from Steven Thrasher's great article, and a photo from Kevin Amato's collection of 45 that accompany the article:

"But for some of New York City’s most marginalized LGBT youth, the Bronx Pride Center is one of the few places in the borough where anyone cares if they live or die.

The Mott Haven neighborhood where it is based has one of the highest rates of AIDS-related deaths in the city. It’s also in one of the poorest congressional districts in the United States. That lethal combination of poverty and disease makes the queer kids who call these streets home particularly vulnerable.

It is here where the underground ballroom drag scene, observed by much of the world for the first time in Jennie Livingston’s 1990 Paris Is Burning, still sizzles. On any given weekday, you can find queer kids hanging out on the center’s second floor practicing duck walks, hand performance, spins, and dips. Faced with the task of simply staying alive, they catwalk. Just feet above the streets where they could have the shit beaten out of them for acting so flamboyantly, they vogue to their spirits’ content, arms flying freely."

NY Times' Amazing Interactive Series Of Coming Out Stories

I took just a few screen captures of these brilliant and inspiring narrated photo essays. Please go here and take it all in.

Get Yourself A Tissue: This Will Knock Your Damn Socks Off

May 20, 2011

Nick Espinosa Poured A Box Of Glitter Over Newt Gingrich

From Phil Reese at the Washington Blade:

"A prominent Minnesota gay ally activist made quite a stir Thursday night when he stormed a book signing hosted by the Minnesota Family Council and greeted the guests of honor–Newt and Callista Gingrich–with a box of glitter confetti.

“The book signing was part of a larger event with the Minnesota Family Council, who are the anti-gay group pushing the marriage amendment [to ban same-sex marriage]. The amendment passed the senate last week–shocked and upset.”

Nick Espinosa is passionate about getting attention for what he sees as an urgent issue facing the LGBT community.

As he poured the confetti over the top tier candidate for the Republican nomination for President, Espinosa shouted “Feel the rainbow, Newt! Stop the hate. Stop anti-gay politics. It’s dividing our country and it’s not fixing our economy.”

Australia's Got Talent Had A Hot Plumber Strip To "Sex Bomb"

Really Lovely-Looking Brazilian Boys From Made In Brazil

Made In Brazil Magazine #3 from Made In Brazil on Vimeo.

May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grace Jones, You're An Icon And A Legend

Beyonce's New Music Video For "Girls" Is Lame In My Opinion

This is so meta. From a Facebook comment I left on my own linking of this video, I wrote:

"I won't be won over just by choreography. I think she's appropriating militarism in a way that she doesn't understand; and in a way that she's not even trying to understand. And the song feels like a straight-up rip-off of Major Lazer, and doesn't have any ambition for a unique use of the sample. So from here on out, let's just lift surprise underground hip-hop hits' choruses and input some uplifting words of empowerment. Plan. Break."

This Is Just, Wow: Gwyneth Paltrow Raps For Graham Norton

And well!

May 17, 2011

Robyn Continues To Prove One Of The Realest Gay Pop Icons

From her Out cover story, thanks to the interviewing of my boy Noah Michelson:

“I have never thought of ‘Dancing on My Own’ as a gay anthem, but hearing it put that way doesn’t surprise me,” Robyn says. “Gay culture has always had to embody outsidership. I think we’re all just scared to be lonely. We all want to be loved and we all want to be seen. When you’re different on a very basic level, that feeling is going to be with you more often than someone who doesn’t have to face what being an outsider is really like. I think it’s a song about being on the outside -- very physically -- and if it feels like a gay anthem then I take that as a super compliment.”

May 16, 2011

These Kinds Of Things Make Me Think It's Not All That Bad

Unreal: Rugby Star Ben Cohen Retires To Fight Homophobia

FYI, this man is straight. Here's a link to a story about him in Britain's The Independent:

"Cohen believes he could play for another two years but has turned down offers from clubs in England and France. Instead he will focus on heading up the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation, which tackles bullying and homophobia.

"I would never have imagined my career was going to move in this direction after my rugby career, but here we are – it's happening," he said. "I have reached the top in my sport. It has been an incredible journey and has put me in the privileged position I am in today to be able to work on these exciting new projects through the Stand Up Brand.

"As athletes, it is not enough just to have strong bodies, we must have strong characters and use our voices to support those who need and deserve it.""

He's also extremely handsome:

Rick Wells, President/CEO Of The Phoenix Suns Comes Out

Great NY Times story about his going public with the fact that he likes dudes. Everybody's coming out!!

Here's a little excerpt:

"Last month, in a Midtown office adorned with sports memorabilia, two longtime friends met for a private talk. David Stern, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association, sipped his morning coffee, expecting to be asked for career advice. Across from him sat Rick Welts, the president and chief executive of the Phoenix Suns, who had come to New York not to discuss careers, but to say, finally, I am gay.

In many work environments, this would qualify as a so-what moment. But until now, Mr. Welts, 58, who has spent 40 years in sports, rising from ball boy to N.B.A. executive to team president, had not felt comfortable enough in his chosen field to be open about his sexuality. His eyes welling at times, he also said that he planned to go public."

CNN Prime-Time Weekend Anchor, Don Lemon, Comes Out

It's weird to think about men coming out at 45. Here's a NY Times story about him.

This Is Probably Fake But It's Certainly Enjoyable To Look At

A Gay Couple Who Are Artists And Do Everything Together

Found em' as Buttheads.

May 13, 2011

This Is An Article In NY Magazine That All Gays Should Read

The first paragraph:

"The surge in Internet dating has enabled straight singles to delineate their romantic requirements in no uncertain terms—religion, income, smoking policy—but in gay men’s personals, there’s another category in the mix: top or bottom. (For those not in the know, the bottom is, sexually speaking, the one on the receiving, or “catching,” end of things.) In a city where it’s hard enough to figure out how to get sex, gay men must also figure out how to have it. The wrong position in the right guy can be an automatic deal breaker, making an already complex dating world even more difficult to navigate. “I’ll be online,” says Jason, 33, a financial consultant, “chatting with some guy, we’ll be getting along really well, and then I’ll say I’m a bottom and he’ll say, ‘Me too. Okay. Good-bye,’ and sign off.” - Amy Sohn

May 11, 2011

Minnesotan Assholes Got A Gay Marriage Amendment Passed

"ST. PAUL, Minn.—The state Senate on Wednesday approved a statewide vote in 2012 on a gay-marriage ban in the Minnesota Constitution, pushing forward what's expected to be a contentious debate over the definition of legal unions.

The Senate voted 38-27 in favor of the marriage amendment, with one Democrat joining all Republicans in support. The state House is expected to vote on the issue soon, and passage is likely in the Republican-led chamber.

State law already confines marriage in Minnesota to one man and one woman. But supporters of that definition said the extra protection is needed to guard against judicial rulings like one that legalized gay marriage in Iowa in 2009. Critics said it would enshrine discrimination in the state's most important document, and that the debate between now and November 2012 would be divisive and a distraction from more important issues facing the state."

Those are the first few paragraphs from an AP story. Buried deep, check this one out:

"Despite the perception of changing opinion, the 31 states that have voted on constitutional gay marriage bans have all passed them. Mr. Dibble and his allies said they believed Minnesota had the potential to be the first to vote one down. But most said they did not relish what Sen. Linda Higgins predicted would be a "long, divisive and bitter debate"—one likely to attract attention and a steady stream of political spending from national groups on both sides of the issue."

Now that is fucking depressing.

There's Nothing More Disgusting Than Dickhead Tweets

Second one's about this.

This Happens When One Google Image Searches My Name

James Franco's Totally Directing A Gay Movie Called Sal

The Hollywood Reporter has this to say:

"Val Lauren joins the tentatively titled "Sal," which tells the story of the enigmatic actor best known for his appearance opposite James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause."

James Franco's forthcoming Sal Mineo biopic has cast Val Lauren in the titular role.

The film, tentatively titled Sal, tells the story of the enigmatic actor best known for his appearance opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.

Produced by Franco's Rabbit Bandini shingle, the film will begin shooting in Los Angeles in early summer. It has been adapted for the screen by Franco from a recently released biography of Mineo by Michael Gregg Michaud.

Mineo, who was nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar twice -- in 1955 for Rebel and in 1960 for Exodus -- was murdered in West Hollywood in 1976 at the age of 37. The actor, who was gay, played the part of John "Plato" Crawford in Rebel; Mineo broke ground for his subtle portrayal of a homosexual character.

"Sal Mineo himself was an extraordinary and super complex guy," Lauren tells The Hollywood Reporter. "People know him for Rebel Without a Cause, but he was technically the first actor who came out of the closet. He was very brave.""

Couple Sal photos:


May 9, 2011

Aaron Schock, Dopey 29 Year-Old Republican With A Hot Body

"It's not the first time the public has seen Schock's abs. TMZ posted a much-discussed poolside beefcake photo (midle) back in 2009.

Our last visit with Schock (R-IL) was in February when he polished his anti-gay credentials and spoke out against Obama's announcement regarding DOMA.

Schock is a 'confirmed bachelor' who is "not" gay though he does occasionally express shame at his flamboyant wardrobe choices and has said that he hopes his chiseled abs will cause people to pause and listen to what he has to say on CNN." - C/O Towleroad.

Yikes, Simon, You're Kinda Looking Like Meatloaf In Fight Club

May 5, 2011

Sweet Jesus: This Is An ULTRA-Gay Spoof Of A Rihanna Jam

I Need A Tissue: This Google Chrome Ad Is So Heartwarming

Thank You, Bill Clinton, You Are And Always Will Be, The Man

"Our nation's permanent mission is to form a ‘more perfect union’ - deepening the meaning of freedom, broadening the reach of opportunity, strengthening the bonds of community. That mission has inspired and empowered us to extend rights to people previously denied them. Every time we have done that, it has strengthened our nation. Now we should do it again, in New York, with marriage equality. For more than a century, our Statue of Liberty has welcomed all kinds of people from all over the world yearning to be free. In the 21st century, I believe New York's welcome must include marriage equality."

New Enemy To Gays: That Blake Shelton Fuck On The Voice

Remember how I posted about that Jake Gyllenhaal joke he made at the CMAs?

Now a Twitter joke about re-writing a Shania Twain song. MOTHER. FUCKER.

How Many Does He Have To Create For God Freaks To Chill?

May 3, 2011

Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Obey L.A. Lakers' Kiss Cam

More men need to be like these two.

A NY Times Vow That Caught My Attention For A Few Reasons

Charlie Fabella Jr. and Bill Yosses

Mainly for this paragraph (Yosses is a White House chef):

"Mr. Yosses, 57, is a veteran of New York restaurants, including Montrachet, Bouley and Tavern on the Green. He began his White House job in 2007, when Laura Bush hired him. In an interview with The Times last year, he said that when the Obamas arrived, Michelle Obama said that dessert would be rare at family meals and that portions would be scaled down. And with her emphasis on healthy eating, his responsibilities broadened to include beekeeping and tending the White House garden."


Sweet Baby Jesus, Ryan Gosling, Could You Be More Perfect?

Inspiring And Heart-Wrenching Coming-Out Story On Outsports

The full text is HERE. But here are the first two paragraphs:

"As I start walking towards my coach’s office, it hits me that this is a huge turning point in my life. A little over a year ago, I didn’t think I would ever have the courage to tell anyone I was gay. Now, my coach was the last person I had to tell before I could consider myself an openly gay athlete.

I was nervous, but a good nervous. I embraced the feeling and felt excited at the same time. The walk felt extremely short because I was so occupied with what I was going to say. I went through multiple scenarios in my head trying to prepare myself; I wanted to be ready for any reaction he might have. When I got to his office, I forgot to be nervous. I walked in and felt really confident. When I told him, I felt really empowered. It felt good to know I was confident enough to tell him. I was proud of myself. After I told him, he had no problems. We exchanged a few jokes and talked about it for a few minutes. I told him that I wanted to write a coming out article and he was fully supportive. I started writing the very next day..." - Brandon Stoneham