August 30, 2012

An Excellent Letter To The Editor: Bi Daughter To Hateful Dad


"To the editor:

I write in response to the letter authored by my father, Mark McMenamin, "Of sexual anarchy and 'right paths,'" published on this page Aug. 3. I would like to remind my father that I am openly and comfortably bisexual, and that when he publishes opinions that "homosexual acts" are "perversions ... that cry out to heaven," he is speaking about at least one member of his own family. Having happily cohabited with my partner (and soon-to-be spouse) for the last four years, I must count myself as one of the "sexual anarchists" my father holds in such contempt.

If, as my father suggests in his letter, the AIDS crisis is a warning from a deity to the gay community, then that deity has appallingly bad aim: Plenty of heterosexuals are afflicted with the disease, while the vast majority of homosexuals are not. The collateral damage from this putative punishment would suggest that such a god is both capricious and cruel. (Incidentally, I wonder if my father and his ilk also interpret mad cow disease and trichinosis as divine retribution toward meat-eaters, or Lyme disease as a supernatural plague on hikers?)

I agree that cities attempting to ban Chick-fil-A restaurants is silly and counterproductive. But it is a gesture of solidarity, however clumsy, that I and other members of the queer community can appreciate in sentiment if not in practice. I expect the mayors of these cities might similarly try to exclude franchises that espoused, for example, racist views.

How wonderful that my father thinks that no one should be "subjected to hatred or unjust discrimination" (the latter of which I suppose is contrasted with "just" discrimination?). Perhaps someday we will not be subjected to absurd and condemnatory public statements from the people we love.

Sarah McMenamin

Seattle, Wash."

Charming Tutorial From The Stranger On How To Come Out

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I'm Uncomfortable: Andy Coops Goes Live, Starts With Bey

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August 28, 2012

UK Military Show Support For Prince Harry By Getting Naked

There's a big ole' gallery at THIS LINK. However, not all these dudes (who pose nude) are as sexy as I'd hoped they'd be.

WHOA: Sexy C-IN2 Advert For 'Grip,' Featuring Daniel Garofali

August 20, 2012

Oh Boy, Oh Boy: Rih's Interview With Oprah's A Real Bummer

Here she is in an airport in Japan:

Care of DListed:

"On what her relationship with Chris Brown is like now: "We've been working on our friendship again. Now we're very, very close friends. We've built a trust again and that's it. We love each other and we probably always will. That's not anything we're going to try to change. That's not something you can shut off if you've ever been in love."

On if they're humping on each other full-time: "No. He's in a relationship of his own. I'm single, but we have maintained a very close friendship ever since the restraining order has been dropped. We've just worked on it little by little and it has not been easy. It's not easy."

On seeing Chris Brown's ugly popped hemorrhoid face: "It's awkward, because I still love him. My stomach drops and I have to maintain this poker face and not let it get to the outer part of me. I have to maintain that and suppress it, but interpret it and understand it and understand that it's not going to go away. That is peaceful. When you don't understand those feelings, you can make a lot of mistakes."

On if Chris Brown is one of the loves of her life: "Absolutely, I think he was the love of my life. He was the first love and I see that he loved me the same way. We were very young and very spontaneous. We ran free. We ran wild. We were falling in love and going at a really rapid pace and we forgot about ourselves as individuals."

Brilliant: Homme Maker's "Why The Gays Hate Their Bodies"

The stunningly cute and also smart author, Orlando Dumand Soria:

He's like, imagine if this was what you woke up to. Your boyfriend:

Oh, and this is what your friends look like:

Also, tons of these guys are out there that are super-competetive and good at staying perfectly fit:

This guy's a trainer:


Jiz Parodies The Scissor Sisters With "Let's Have A Pee Pee"

Beyonce's UN Version Of "I Was Here" Is A Little Bit Emotional

The Craigslist Project: A Fascinating (NSFW) Photo Project

Here's the LINK.

August 16, 2012

The Outs: An Inspired Gay Web Series About Life In New York

Rarely do I use this space to write thoughtful thoughts about being gay. But After using about an hour of my day glued to my laptop in a cafe, I felt the need to analyze and process what I'd just seen. So this is The Outs, a web series directed by Adam Goldman, in which we watch, primarily two characters, exes, deal with life after a big city breakup. Their friends have seemingly chosen sides, and they're both lonely in their own way. After you've watched the above, you can go to THIS LINK to watch the next three episodes.

Anyway, I just wrote a long thesis about how these videos accurately portray the trials and tribulations of being a gay in a city, then deleted it. Bottom line: I like the way this series portrays the difficulties of navigating meeting people, dating them, breaking up with them, and still dealing with the emotions that come with moving forward after you've been changed by a person. I particularly love the cafe conversation (Episode 2 or 3, not sure) in which the handsome brunette is completely willing to let the guy he likes start anew with him. It's totally heartwarming and gives me a sense of hope that the past doesn't dictate your future.

UPDATE!: They have a gorgeous new website and they're filming new episodes as we speak.

Shaun Sperling's Madonna Bar Mitzvah Video Is On Gawker

August 2, 2012

The German Gymnasts Are Sexy And Have Fabulous Hairstyles

My favorite is clearly Marcel Nguyen:

But, sweet baby Jesus, look at Philipp Boy: