August 30, 2011

In Richmond, They're Bringing Back Some Vintage Tourist ADs

Scrabble's Accepting The Words BUTTSEX and LEAKAGE!?!

P.S. BUTTSEX also equals SUBTEXT.

I'd Hit It: Colin Farrell In Workout Gear Strutting Around Toronto

Sick: Gaddafi's Son Jailed Friend For Denying Him Gay Sex

From The Mirror:

"Tyrant's son Al-Saadi Gaddafi threw his best friend in jail for turning down his gay advances.

Reda Thawargi said he was locked up for two and-a-half years before he was released and Saadi begged him for his support to quell the uprising.

Rebels who raided married Saadi’s opulent mansion this week found gay porn DVDs in his office.

Reda said: “Saadi is gay. He tried to have sex with me but I refused. I only like girls. So he threw me in military jail.”

However, Saadi became ­infuriated by Reda’s refusal to sleep with him and put him on trial in a Libyan court – but without a specific charge. Reda said: “The judge told me, ‘if Saadi says you have done wrong, then you must go to prison’.”

He was eventually freed in February.

Reda added: “When the ­uprising began Saadi called me to ask me to go on state TV to support him because of my fame as a ­footballer. I refused and hid away.

“I want to be the first to punch him now. If you find him, tell me.”

Wow! Amazing German Homoerotic Video By Kai Stänicke

August 27, 2011

Another Republican Caught Being Slutty, This Time On Grindr

It's a crazy gay world we live in. I don't understand my feeling of satisfaction when Republicans get caught being gay and sexy. You saw the Indiana cat I posted about last week, right? And Will and Jada are so gay, right?

The Earthquake! The Hurricane! The CRACK IN THE MOTHERFUCKING WASHINGTON PHALLUS/MONUMENT!? The gays are making this happen and God is smiting us.

C/O Towleroad:

Puerto Rican senator Roberto Arango, formerly the vice-chairman of George Bush's 2004 campaign in the territory, told local media that he can't confirm or deny that the bare-chested man in the pic is him - which is pretty much a roundabout way of admitting, "It's me."

But before we jump to conclusions, consider his perfectly plausible explanation. He's been working out lately, you see, and documenting his progress with regular self-portraits.

"You know I've been losing weight," he said. "As I shed that weight, I've been taking pictures."

August 24, 2011

Mostly I'm Just Feeling The Way That Harry Shum Jr. Dances

You know what's weird? Shum's NOWHERE to be found on the Glee Wiki page.

This Is Kind Of An Old Story By Now, But, This Idiot's An Idiot

Bottom line is, super anti-gay Indiana State Representative and dickbag, Phillip Hinkle, basically got caught offering an 18 year-old male money and/or gifts for sex (and his silence) after a Craigslist-born tryst. The Indy Star reports the following:

"The emails, sent from Hinkle's publicly listed personal address, ask the young man for "a couple hours of your time tonight" and offer him cash up front, with a tip of up to $50 or $60 "for a really good time."

The email exchange is in response to the Craigslist posting in which the young man -- who lists his age as 20 in the ad but says he is 18 years old -- says, "I need a sugga daddy."

The young man told The Star that they met, but that he tried to leave after the man told him he was a state lawmaker. He said the lawmaker at first told him he could not leave, grabbed him in the rear, exposed himself to the young man and then later gave him an iPad, BlackBerry cellphone and $100 cash to keep quiet."

Then, he got asked to step down. But he won't. Because he's not gay. More from the Star:

"He said that he understands why he's being stripped of his committee chairmanships and that he won't seek re-election. But he said he will not resign, despite House Speaker Brian Bosma's call Tuesday to do so.

And he said he did nothing illegal with -- or to -- the young man and that he himself was the victim of a crime. But he said he would not file a police report.

Said Hinkle in his first public comments since the incident: "I was on the road to self-destruction, and I don't know why....I say that emphatically. I'm not gay...I went to the edge, but I didn't fall over the edge.""

How weird are those quotes?

Lutheran College's Golf Team Suspended For Sexy Team Photo

Towleroad says YAHOO reports:

"Jon Daniels suspended every player on the Fighting Swedes for three tournaments because of the photo he called, "a case of young people who just don't think beyond the moment and don't realize who they're hurting."

"Until someone sat them down and explained that they did something wrong, they didn't have any idea," Daniels said. "But I think they understand now."

HILARIOUS. The best part? The team captain's name is Jack Hiscock. He said this: "It was only intended as a bit of fun with the lads."

Philly's Sketch Burger Offers Paper And Markers To Patrons

August 17, 2011

You Fuck! I Never Liked You & Now I Want To Spread My Hate

From Towleroad:

"Few diatribes are as despicable and repulsive as Adam Carolla's remarks about LGBT -- particularly transgender people -- on last Thursday's episode of his podcast.

Discussing a petition calling for Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie to get married, and the term LGBT, Carolla commented, "When did everybody get fucking lumped in with the gays? Really? What percentage is transgendered?"

He then went to asked, "When did we start giving a shit about these people?"

The former Man Show host even wondered about the various permutations of trans-identity, like post-op female-to-male, at which point he took a cheap shot at Chaz Bono: "Every time I see Chaz Bono, my cock looks at me and says, 'Wha?''

As if that's not enough, he also says that LGBT people need to "shut up" about equal rights."

"You can bet your bottom dollar that GLAAD is all over this, and this after released a statement not only condemning Carolla's remarks, but reminding readers that the "comedian" has a history of anti-gay language: he has previously said that same-sex couples are not as good at parenting as their straight counterparts. What's more, GLAAD points out that Carolla derides other social and cultural groups, as well:

...LGBT people are hardly the only community about which Carolla has made ignorant remarks. In the past, Carolla has called the people of Hawaii “dumb,” “stupid,” “in-bred,” and “retarded” people who are among the “dumbest people we have.” Last year, Carolla referred to a Filipino boxer as being illiterate, having brain damage, and someone who prays to chicken bones – and stated that this boxer was ‘all the people of the Philippines have.’

In the group's statement on the matter, Herndon Graddick, GLAAD's Senior Director of Media Programs, remarks, "Given his history of anti-gay and racist comments, networks and advertisers should know what their money is supporting if they choose to hire Adam Carolla. The gross intolerance that he tries to pass off as comedy should not have a place on our airwaves.”"

His apology: "I'm sorry my comments were hurtful. I'm a comedian, not a politician." What a DICKBAG.

Linda Hogan Implies Hulk Hogan And Brutus Beefcake Did It

Check THIS out. Summer Slam indeed - I FEEL THE HEAT, the heat between me and you.

Muscle-Bound Chris Evans Shows Off The Goods In Puncture

This Man's Convinced That This Atrocity Is Working For Him

August 14, 2011

Adam Lambert And His Boyfriend Look Like They're Weird

"Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen attend the 2011 Los Angeles Equality Awards on Saturday (August 13) held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif." - JusJared

Tom The S.F Carpenter (From Boston) By Blake Little In BUTT

Go HERE for more.

August 11, 2011

I'd Hit It: AND Have His Children, RyGos On Set With A Baby

Bottle blond, paint-spattered and hipster-tatted or not, these photos make me want a uterus for our love child to incubate. Like the DListed text says:

"Ryan took a break from charming the lens off of cameras with his maple syrup smoothness to sit on the front porch and bottle feed a baby friend while making eyes that say, "Hit Ctl + Alt + Pinch all you want, but this isn't a dream"... You probably didn't read a word of that since you were too distracted by your womb sitting on your shoulder while whispering "Get me that" into your ear over and over again. Your womb is so fucking tacky!"

James Franco's Brother Vs. McLovin' In A Gay Dirty Talk Duel

Revealed: Inside The Bachmann's Conversion Therapy Offices

August 9, 2011

Nadal's The Face/Body For Armani's 2011/2012 F/W Campaign

Thatsalotta dashes. Fall/Winter means getting chased and stripping in a parking garage - so chic.

Worth Watching Once: Adam Levine's Very Shirtless New Video

"The Most Hilariously Effective Signs Supporting Gay Marriage"

There's more, but these were my favs. Not so much the SIGN on the second to the top one as much as the man holding it.