November 29, 2011

Just Thought You Might Like A Little Bit Of This In Your Life

No Explanation Necessary: Just Gaze Upon This Greatness

David Pocock's An Aussie Rugger With A Heart Of Pure Gold

The first few paragraphs of a great story from the Sydney Morning Herald:

"NEXT Saturday, as day two of the Labor Party's national conference winds up, David Pocock will be a world away, preparing to play for the Wallabies in a Test match in Wales. But the distance won't diminish his interest in the party's resolution on same-sex marriage.

It's an unusual area of concern for a rugby player. But it taps into Pocock's sense of social justice, a world view built on the southern African concept of Ubuntu: the belief true humanity is achieved through mutual respect and interconnectedness. It's a philosophy planted in Pocock on a farm in Zimbabwe, nurtured amid fear and inequality and sown during a challenging search for physical and spiritual reconciliation.

''More than 60 per cent of Australians are in favour of same-sex marriage, so it just doesn't make sense to stop it from happening,'' says Pocock, who decided with partner Emma Palandri not to legally marry until their gay friends also have the same right."

Check This Shit Out: Sara Carlson Is A Crazy-Eyed Maniac

November 28, 2011

OMG: Nasty Pig's 'Do You, Dominant Jeans' Model Is Sizzling

Not That I Thought Otherwise, But, T.I.'s A Bigoted Asshole

"T.I. on all Americans having equal rights:
Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I ever heard Tracy say during a stand-up was, ‘C’mon man, I think gay people are too sensitive. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.’ [Cracks up laughing.] That shit was funny to me. And it’s kind of true.’ While T.I. makes clear that he supports anyone’s sexual preference, he then connects, in his opinion, a current oversensitivity among gay people with a consequential and ironic offense of the First Amendment. “They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ ... That’s not American. If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’"

I'm A Fan Of J Lo's Young Piece And Their Cabana-Cuddling

I Almost Forgot About How Amazingly Sexy Jamie Bell Is

As recently seen with Evan Rachel Wood. And here's exhibit B:

November 22, 2011

November 16, 2011

So Lots Of People Care About People's Sexiest Man Alive

BuzzFeed went so far as to object with "63 Reasons Why Bradley Cooper Definitely Isn't The Sexiest Man Alive," which is basically 63 pictures of Ryan Gosling. I'm ambivalent, but these two are my favorite of the 63:

Ross Christy's A Talented Gay Naturalist Artist I Knew In PDX

His beautiful site is HERE.

Dueling Snow White Films: One Of Them Looks Way Better

Doesn't it seem like there's a CLEAR winner here?

WTF: Jimmy Got Justin To Talk Smack About M'Man RyGos

From a GQ interview:

"Jimmy Fallon: Dude, I was just talking to [Ryan] Gosling about that. Did Gosling really live on your couch when he was a kid?
Justin Timberlake: So he tried to make it seem like he was bohemian even back then?

Jimmy Fallon: Definitely, man. He said he was struggling and you helped him out.

Justin Timberlake: Ryan's mom had to stay back in Canada and my mom was his guardian for a year so he could come down and be on the show. But Gosling got his own bed. He didn't sleep on the couch. He said that?

Jimmy Fallon: It's a better story!

Justin Timberlake: I'm picturing a ten-year-old Gosling bumming Marlboro Reds off some bum, growing hipster facial hair..."

Not cool, dudes, not cool.

November 14, 2011

Herman Cain's A Dick & I'm A Sissy (For Liking Cheese Pizza)

"Chris Heath: What can you tell about a man by the type of pizza that he likes?

Herman Cain: [repeats the question aloud, then pauses for a long moment] The more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe the more manly he is.

Chris Heath: Why is that?

Herman Cain: Because the more manly man is not afraid of abundance. [laughs]

Devin Gordon: Is that purely a meat question?

Herman Cain: A manly man don't want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza."

Via GQ.

Okay, I'll See It: It's A Little Embarrassing How Much I'm Down

Asshole Football Coach In Wyoming Steps Down 'Cuz Of This

November 10, 2011

"I Had A Stroke, Turned Gay, Lost Interest In Sport, Found Hair"

From the Daily Mail in the UK:

"When 19-stone rugby player Chris Birch suffered a stroke during a freak training accident, his family feared it would be a life-changing injury.

Yet while his recovery certainly brought about a transformation, it seems to have been in a way no one could have expected.

For when he regained consciousness, the 26-year-old – who was engaged to his girlfriend – claimed he had become gay."

Fat Joe Believes That Hip-Hop's Run By A Secret Gay Mafia

Joel McHale Campaigns For People Magazine's Sexiest Men

Wow. He has beautiful pectorals.

Cute Pro Soccer Player, David Testo, Comes Out Of The Closet

Translated from a French radio report:

"I’m gay, I’m gay. I did not choose. It’s just part of who I am. And it has nothing to do with the talent of a soccer player. You can be both an excellent soccer player and being gay. …

I really regret not having said publicly earlier. I fought with it all my life, my whole career. Living the life of a professional athlete and being gay is incredibly difficult. It is like wearing a secret in his bags but never yourself. It saps all your energy to you, in addition to having to perform, having to play."

And from Outsports:

"Testo is the first former MLS player, and the first American pro soccer player, to come out of the closet. He also has the potential to finally break the lack of out active pro athletes in the big five leagues. While he isn’t with an MLS team right now, he is not retired. What’s interesting is that his team as of a month ago, the Montreal Impact, are joining MLS next season, but they dropped Testo in October after four years. Disappointing timing."

November 9, 2011

This Is Surreal: Hot Stephen Dorff Talking About Man Tits

He told NY Magazine's Vulture the following:

"My lower back was really screwed up in a way it had never been before, and I felt like I’d get more out of having my own team to get my back in shape and get the right exercises. I also didn’t wanna have man breasts, and there were a lot of man breasts in the cast. I felt like it looked like people had gotten chest implants. I wanted to stick with the abs look."

"I’m not really the actor who wants to compare nipples and pec size, and Tarsem wasn’t that anal. I had hair on my chest, so he wanted me to shave my chest for a cleaner look. I was like "Fine, I’m just not gonna wax my chest." There was this incredible chest acne breakout, which I wasn’t interested in. So I came up with the fact that I could do it with my Braun electric razor. It was a much cleaner way of going and I didn’t get any chest acne. I don’t have that much hair. I’m also so dirty — I’m probably the dirtiest guy in the movie, being a slave. I’d never spent that much time in a makeup room, because normally I’m not naked in a movie so much. I have a lot of tattoos and it took a long time to get me ready. It was annoying. I had an extra hour and a half on everybody because we had to airbrush the tattoos. Then we put the grease on, but the grease takes the tattoo makeup off. Then you put on the dirt and then you can’t see the abs that I’ve been working so hard on. It was a disaster. And usually I’m thinking about my character, not all this kind of stuff."

And if you're so inclined, some more hot shirtlessness from Immortals can be seen HERE.

Um, Seriously What's Happening To Christina Aguilera?

Bigot-Mouthed Brett Ratner Resigns From Producing Oscars

After a screening of the film Tower Heist, which he directed, he managed to dismiss a question about rehearsals by saying "rehearsal's for fags." A HUGE amount of shit rained down on him (rightfully so) and he's actually apologizing up and down the wall now. He stepped down from producing the Oscars and issued this statement:

"An Open Letter to the Entertainment Industry from Brett Ratner
Dear Colleagues,

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten a well-deserved earful from many of the people I admire most in this industry expressing their outrage and disappointment over the hurtful and stupid things I said in a number of recent media appearances. To them, and to everyone I’ve hurt and offended, I’d like to apologize publicly and unreservedly.

As difficult as the last few days have been for me, they cannot compare to the experience of any young man or woman who has been the target of offensive slurs or derogatory comments. And they pale in comparison to what any gay, lesbian, or transgender individual must deal with as they confront the many inequalities that continue to plague our world.

So many artists and craftspeople in our business are members of the LGBT community, and it pains me deeply that I may have hurt them. I should have known this all along, but at least I know it now: words do matter. Having love in your heart doesn’t count for much if what comes out of your mouth is ugly and bigoted. With this in mind, and to all those who understandably feel that apologies are not enough, please know that I will be taking real action over the coming weeks and months in an effort to do everything I can both professionally and personally to help stamp out the kind of thoughtless bigotry I’ve so foolishly perpetuated.

As a first step, I called Tom Sherak this morning and resigned as a producer of the 84th Academy Awards telecast. Being asked to help put on the Oscar show was the proudest moment of my career. But as painful as this may be for me, it would be worse if my association with the show were to be a distraction from the Academy and the high ideals it represents.

I am grateful to GLAAD for engaging me in a dialogue about what we can do together to increase awareness of the important and troubling issues this episode has raised and I look forward to working with them. I am incredibly lucky to have a career in this business that I love with all of my heart and to be able to work alongside so many of my heroes. I deeply regret my actions and I am determined to learn from this experience.

Brett Ratner"

November 8, 2011

Eight Grisly Counts Of Child Abuse For Penn State Coach

There are lots of voices screaming in this scandal. Some more level-headed than others.

The Huffington Post's story feels well-reported and even. The NY Times' version is a little dry and seems to have no sense of outrage. While the NY Daily News' site says everyone at PSU's football program should be fired.

To be clear, it's not Paterno who's being investigated, it's a long-time defensive coach who was, seemingly, Joe's right-hand man and heir-apparent to the PSU coach throne. A graduate assistant on staff witnessed Sandusky with a 10-year-old in the shower in 2002, and reported it to Paterno, who seems to have to done the minimum reporting necessary.

Here's a well-rounded news clip summarizing the damage that's been done: