August 16, 2012

The Outs: An Inspired Gay Web Series About Life In New York

Rarely do I use this space to write thoughtful thoughts about being gay. But After using about an hour of my day glued to my laptop in a cafe, I felt the need to analyze and process what I'd just seen. So this is The Outs, a web series directed by Adam Goldman, in which we watch, primarily two characters, exes, deal with life after a big city breakup. Their friends have seemingly chosen sides, and they're both lonely in their own way. After you've watched the above, you can go to THIS LINK to watch the next three episodes.

Anyway, I just wrote a long thesis about how these videos accurately portray the trials and tribulations of being a gay in a city, then deleted it. Bottom line: I like the way this series portrays the difficulties of navigating meeting people, dating them, breaking up with them, and still dealing with the emotions that come with moving forward after you've been changed by a person. I particularly love the cafe conversation (Episode 2 or 3, not sure) in which the handsome brunette is completely willing to let the guy he likes start anew with him. It's totally heartwarming and gives me a sense of hope that the past doesn't dictate your future.

UPDATE!: They have a gorgeous new website and they're filming new episodes as we speak.

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