February 13, 2012

Reader Wedding Vids: These Damn Things Get Me Every Time

Chandler and Amir's Highlights from Doreen Birdsell Studios on Vimeo.

Towleroad's giving us reader-submitted wedding videos weekly now, and I have to watch every single one. There's something about the little three, four or five minute video that's a heavily-edited version of a day of celebration. Not only is pretty much everyone joyously romantic, they're also well-dressed and trying to accommodate the whole "This day must be perfect" mentality. Plus when you have, say, eight hours of footage, you only take the good stuff. Nose picking, tears, wedgies and bad speeches get cut out. These videos are a greatly optimistic send-up to the ecstasy of a realized emotional commitment. Amir and Chandler look perfect for each other here but will undoubtedly have fights, maybe infidelities and perhaps divorce. But on this day, love is in the air and it's so intoxicating.

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