March 16, 2011

Joe Jonas To Details: "There's Nothing Wrong With Being Gay"

But that he's not. He likes women.

Some of the text, c/o DListed, goes like this:

"But who would break up with Joe?

"Some guy," he says with a laugh.

It's a nod to the gay rumors he's been fending off ever since he got into a verbal altercation with some taunting paparazzi earlier this year. "There's nothing wrong with being gay," he says now, "but I'm not."

For context, Mr. DListed adds:

""If I were gay, why not admit it? I am a normal man. I love women and sex. I am a real hot-blooded Puerto Rican, but I have never been attracted by sex with a man." - Ricky Martin, 1999"


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