April 12, 2011

DJ Mister Cee Arrested Getting His Dick Sucked By A Dude

From a surprisingly great Spin article, the details:

"The arrest of Calvin "DJ Mister Cee" LeBrun for public lewdness and indecent exposure is a sad, but unique opportunity to continue last week's discussion about gay hip-hop and rap's longstanding homophobia. For those who hide from SEO-obsessed gossip blogs and endlessly snarky morning-zoo radio, and as a result, haven't yet heard, around 4AM on March 30, police spotted Mister Cee in his car, allegedly receiving oral sex from a man. As could've been expected, the incident soon became fodder for jokes and a mini-controversy ensued.

This Tuesday, the police report was released; it does confirm the charges, and at the very least, complicates Cee's Twitter statements that nothing happened. It's also worth noting that Cee, who is married, was arrested twice before on charges of solicitation, and that the pretty much awful Wendy Williams has been stirring up gay rumors about the DJ since 2007."

And, really well put here, the ramifications:

"To a younger generation, who may know Mister Cee only tangentially, vibing out to his mid-day mixes or torrenting his masterful 1995 mixtape Best Of Biggie Smalls, this may seem like a non-story. Mister Cee, though, is a special case. He's 44 years old and was the DJ for the legendary MC Big Daddy Kane, in addition to being the man who discovered the Notorious B.I.G and was an executive producer on Ready to Die. He's also someone whose "Throwback at Noon" show -- via an eclectic, chaotic playlist which spans decades, plus occasional knowledge-dropping interjections -- provides comprehensive hip-hop history lessons on Hot 97, the nation's most influential hip-hop and R&B station. Cee isn't just a historically significant figure; he remains a crucial gatekeeper to hip-hop's golden (and yeah, quite homophobic) era."

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