December 8, 2011

This Gay Blogger Talked Some Shit About Hil's LGBT Speech

Remember that post I made about the order that Obama made to give our aid to foreign cultures struggling to protect LGBT individuals? Well, Hilary made a 30-minute speech about it.

There are always going to be haters. Especially from the right when it comes to LGBT rights. But within the gay community, too, there are people talking shit about the content of the speech. It's a little upsetting, especially when they get a soapbox on a site like the HUFFINGTON POST and they don't even seem to have their facts right.

So this Connecticut College professor and History phD, manages to claim that "being gay" is a western invention and only 100 years old!:

"Actually, being gay is a Western invention. Homosexuality has a long history that begins in the West. Cultures throughout the world may have had people who have over time engaged in same-sex sex but that's different from the historical categorization of "being gay." People only started "being gay" about a century ago. Prior to that, men may have had sex with men, and women may have had sex with women, but that was not being gay -- that was sex and sometimes love. Gay is an identity that came into fashion at the turn of the twentieth century in the West. Today, there is not a single definition for "being gay" even in the United States, let alone throughout the world. In the United States, what it means to be gay in New York City is very different from what it means to be gay in Pierre, South Dakota. Same-sex sex is different from "being gay." Take, for example, in the United States the notion of being on the "down low," refers to men who live "heterosexual lives," but also have sex with men. They don't call themselves "gay," neither do the thousands of men who visit porn and Internet hookup sites, who are looking for sex with "straight jocks.""

WHAT. THE. FUCK., Jim Downs.

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