January 16, 2012

A Gay Republican's Views Get Ripped Up In The Comments

Then, six days later, he posts this PIECE OF SHIT.

Okay, some personal commentary:

What's with the 'grow up and put some clothes on' mantra? Are you mature because you don't take your clothes off in public and wear a plaid robe around your own home? I will never understand the argument about how gay pride parades are somehow detrimental to the cause (or to our image). And, frankly, pride parades are not all about skin, they're more about partying and THAT's where I get a little sad; it's a day of pride and respect for how far we've come - not a rave, and not an excuse to hammered. It also just seems extraordinarily childish to do the whole 'You say WE are bigots, no YOU are the bigots' thing. I actually applaud the point he makes about accepting people's views as views and not as declarations of what should and shouldn't be. But hey, lord knows there are assholes across the entire political spectrum.

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