January 11, 2012

Remember Chris Crocker? He's Hot And Not Crying Anymore

Big ups to my boy Noah Michelson for a great interview with Crocker on the Huff Post's Gay Voices:

"In 2007 three little words -- "Leave Britney Alone!" -- arguably changed the course of popular culture.

The words were spoken by Chris Crocker, a then 19-year-old from Tennessee with an already burgeoning Internet career who regularly posted videos to YouTube and MySpace.

But it wasn't until he made and uploaded his now infamous clip defending Britney Spears after her disastrous 2007 MTV Video Music Awards performance that the world became familiar -- and enraptured -- by the video star.

In just two days "Leave Britney Alone!" racked up over four million views -- a virtually unheard of feat in the earlier days of YouTube -- and soon Crocker became known -- and parodied -- around the world. References to the video have since appeared everywhere from "Glee" to "South Park" and the clip was named Wired magazine's number one video of 2007."

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