January 13, 2012

Honey, I Think This Was A Bad Idea: I'm stepping it up - m4m

"LOVE YOU EVEN MORE,even when your not Loving your self the right way I always have thought how my actions would effect you always .
Because you matter the most.
I wish you
Could tell me how to get at your side in the physical world I come in a heart beat

I think that I really don't want to know anything of your absents,and who you where with and what they said . That your past and it can't be changed ,and t takes nothing away from me so I don't want to know it called moving forward with you and something I don't want to know :)

That's called leaving a misunderstanding of your actions in the pad and no longer an issue for me .

My only issue seeing you float again, happy and now that you are truly loved no matter what ,because I accept you flaws and


P.S it is what it is and we need each other but please believe I come at you with no
Negativity ,and it another trying to make me look cold and unstable and mean so you would stay with them."

You can't make THIS STUFF up.

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